Success can be defined differently by every single person.  John Maxwell defines success as knowing your purpose in life, knowing why you are here.  It’s been said that there are two great days in a person’s life:  the day that they were born and the day that they discovered why.   Highly successful people have discovered why.
Tony Robbins talks about how you can achieve success by controlling what you focus on.  Get the right habits and rituals in your life.  Whatever you’re looking for you will find so think about the right questions that will lead you to positive solutions.  You can train yourself to focus on what’s productive and what will bring you success in life.
John Maxwell talks about the steps you must take to improve your leadership skills and how you will be empowered as a leader.  He takes you through the laws of leadership so you can grow as a leader and succeed in life.  The best leaders are good listeners.  This is a speech that everyone needs to hear, especially leaders or those wanting to become a leader.
Speaking on faith that overcomes fear and all obstacles, Nick Vujicic, with no arms and legs, brings to life how a positive attitude mixed with faith can bring success in life to anyone.  Turning his impossibilities into possibilities, Nick talks about grace and hope.  This is an inspirational speech on success and how to win in life no matter what obstacles you face.
Nick Vujicic demonstrates with his life how nothing is impossible as he speaks to hundreds of students at a high school event.  After you hear the speech he gives to these young people you will know that nothing can stop you from becoming successful – except you.  If Nick can overcome his obstacles so can you.  Share this video with the people you love and inspire them to overcome the difficulties in their life.
Plan to succeed as you listen to motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, speak on the importance of focusing on success.   Find what you love the most and condition your brain for success in that area.  Listen closely as Tony admonishes you how to ask intelligently and know what you want in life in order to accomplish and obtain it.
Learn how to take responsibility for your success!  Hear motivational speaker, Les Brown as he teaches you how to say yes to your dreams.  Take action now and become successful by joining other successful people that are doing what you want to do.  Find people who think like you and dream like you.  See how your positive influence can help others and fulfill your dreams at the same time.
Discover what you love doing and learn to live life to its fullest.  Les Brown shares the importance of achieving your goals by finding your purpose so you can succeed in life.  Learn to be bold with positive energy so you can win in life. Watch this video and reach your goals in life.  Then click the “share button” above and help others!
Zig Ziglar shares the importance of reaching success by being a constant student and becoming a positive influence to those around you.  His mission statement for his organization is “To be the difference maker in the personal, family, professional and spiritual lives of enough people to make a positive difference in the world.”   He encourages the development of a creative imagination and a career built upon integrity.    In conclusion, he adds that you can overcome stress by responding to life instead of reacting to it.
Hear Zig Ziglar teach about the importance of knowing the answer to the question, “What is your definition of success?”  Follow his checklist as he shares a story on how you may be surprised to discover that the people you admire may not be as successful as you thought they were.  This is a great lesson on how to evaluate where you are so you can get the success that you really want in life.